Children & the Arts’ vision is for brighter, healthier, and happier children through the power of an inclusive and accessible arts sector.

We aim to achieve this through harnessing the creativity, enjoyment and aspiration of the arts to raise children’s confidence and success through experiences that last

We work with arts venues across the UK to reach children in disadvantaged communities and hospices who are missing out on creative and cultural experiences. The ambition of all of our programmes is to give those children who are at risk of being left behind, a more fulfilled, creative and exciting education, whilst raising their confidence, educational attainment and aspiration.

We work only where connections do not already exist, are needed the most and couldn’t happen without the resources and support we provide. 

Through our major schools programmes, Start and Quest, we:

Work with arts venues across the UK to design arts education programmes that meet the needs of local schools

Ensure the schools that take part are those who will benefit the most

Support the venue-school partnership with funding, resources and expertise

Monitor and evaluate projects and help arts venues to use this learning to develop and improve their programmes

Develop teachers' confidence and skills in embedding the arts across the curriculum

This is one of the best projects I have ever been involved in and I have been teaching for 30 years!

Primary School teacher, Children & the Arts’ Start programme

Through our Start Hospices programme we:

Work with arts venues to introduce a unique programme of creative activity suitable for children with life-limiting illnesses and their families

Support the venue-hospice partnership with funding, resources and expertise

Facilitate cross-sector learning between arts venues and hospices

Monitor and evaluate projects to continually improve and develop programmes.

If we are involved in end of life work, a day like today is a day of life rather than death, and that’s a very welcome contrast for us all.

Hospice staff member, Start Hospices programme

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