Children & the Arts is delighted to share these resources, created in collaboration with professional artists and educators, for use in the classroom and other education settings. They are free to download - just click on the heading.
Hard copy versions of resources are also available to buy in the online shop.  

Music for Key Stage 1

As well as introducing the basics of music, this pack looks at music’s associations with sound, with mood and emotion, and with story. It includes loads of activities to try out with your class, both listening to and creating music. Written by Dr. Vicky Cave.

Music for Key Stage 3

This 34-page pack includes heaps of warm up games and activities; as well as longer exercises looking at conducting, samba and gamelan. Each longer exercise includes student worksheets. Written by John Webb.


This booklet contains music exploration activities for teachers and educators of all abilities. This resource is a practical means to introduce and investigate some of the most famous pieces of classical music.

Music - Catalyst

Ten activities designed to engage pupils and develop their skills in music. With an introduction by Cathryn Dew.


This booklet contains some top activities to help you introduce dance into your classroom and advice on how to prepare your pupils for visiting a dance performance, plus an interview with the BalletBoyz.

Dance - Catalyst

An introduction to dance, with ten activities designed to engage children of various ages and abilities.


This resource contains everything you need to turn your class into a set of performance poets. It includes activities to sharpen poetry skills, get the imaginative juices, and polish up performance skills, as well as information on holding a class poetry slam.


With 28 storytelling activities, this book contains everything you need to get your class telling stories, improving their speaking, listening and literacy skills.

Poetry - Catalyst

Ten activities designed to engage pupils and develop their skills in poetry, including cross-curriculum links. With an introduction by Jo Bell.

Storytelling - Catalyst

Ten activities designed to engage pupils and develop their Storytelling skills, including cross-curriculum links and Top Tips. With an introduction by Kate Norgate.

Creative Writing for Key Stage 3

This pack contains step-by-step activities for getting your students writing. As well as some quick warm-ups, there are activities focussing on script writing, poetry and micro fiction. Written by Jane Anderson.


This resource contains the script for a new play for children: A Singer from the Desert Came by Jamila Gavin as well as activities based on the play, which range from characterisation to set-building with recycled materials.

Theatre - Catalyst

Ten activities designed to engage pupils and develop their performance skills, including advice on how to devise performances. With an introduction by Kelly Wilkinson.

Drama Games for Key Stage 3

Aiming to help teachers and drama practitioners make the most out of their sessions, this pack talks through the importance of games and warm-ups and provides lots of exercises to try out. Written by Adam Milford, Theatre Workout.

Visual Art for Key Stage 1

This pack contains tons of practical arts activities for you and your class to try out. They explore emotions, representations of the self, as well as including some large and exciting whole-class activities. Written by Dr. Vicky Cave.

Visual Arts - Catalyst

Ten activities designed to engage pupils and develop their artistic skills, including advice on how to encourage creativity. With an introduction by Joff Whitten & Ghislaine Keyton.

Great Art Quest

This booklet is aimed at 9-11 year olds, but can used for a much wider age range. This has been especially put together to provide ideas for incorporating art into your teaching. Written by Toya Walker.

Catalyst - All Art Forms

120 pages of essential activities and advice aimed at teachers looking to broaden their arts teaching knowledge in and outside the classroom. The book contains around 60 arts-based activities covering drama, dance, music, storytelling, poetry and visual art.

Taking Children to the Theatre, Art Gallery, and Working with Professional Artists

A practical guide to taking children to the theatre for schools, families or other small groups.  Including advice on how to encourage children to engage with performances.