OperaQuest is a transformational experience for many children who are able to discover new talents, passions and opportunities throughout the process of the project.

As one of the teachers who took part in OperaQuest at the Birmingham Hippodrome explains, it is a unique experience with a big impact:

"We were quite apprehensive at first about how we would fit the project in with everything else, and how we were going to set it to music, but with the help of [the practitioners], it worked really well.

You feel apprehensive about it because it’s something completely new, but as it’s so new, it’s so enjoyable.

In this project, [the pupils] have been able to explore themselves in different ways. We’ve actors and actresses we didn’t know we had and they’ve grown in confidence, too. It’s been really good.

Seeing the children come up with songs and the story is really special. It’s something you don’t really get a chance to do within the curriculum. Our children have worked in ways that they wouldn’t normally. Our curriculum is so tight and busy that we rarely have time to be this creative.

And the children just grow so much and change in their confidence. It’s a real opportunity, as many of them won’t get another chance like this, or even the chance to go to the opera. It’s definitely an opportunity other schools should take if they get the chance. The children changed through doing this project.”

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