“I created my Foundation for Children & the Arts because of a fundamental belief that everyone should have the opportunity at an early age to be inspired by the Arts. My Foundation uncovers new examples every day of how even the most disaffected or disadvantaged child can be excited by a wonderful piece of theatre or music and inspired to give voice to their own ideas and feelings.”

HRH The Prince of Wales, Founder & Patron

Since 2002, when HRH The Prince of Wales first had the idea for Children & the Arts, He has been championing the power of the arts to change children’s lives across the whole of the UK. He wanted the charity to focus on all art forms, and ensure that the projects were not about one-off visits to a theatre, concert hall, museum or gallery, but about engaging children in a series of creative workshops to open their eyes to the magical world of the arts.

"If we can help to foster a love of the arts in young people's souls, we will have given one of the greatest gifts of all - for it is this wonder and appreciation, in my view, that makes us truly human - and truly civilized."

HRH The Prince of Wales, Founder & Patron

He continues to be an inspiration to the charity, hosting Gala dinners to thank our supporters, keeping abreast of our work, and promoting the charity throughout the UK, and indeed the world.

"It’s about returning a bit of magic into our children’s lives"

HRH The Prince of Wales, Founder & Patron