Great Art Quest is a UK-wide arts project designed to introduce schoolchildren to their local gallery. The project aims to help provide young people with the opportunity to learn about, experience and create art in order to boost their confidence, increase their creativity and change the way they think about the world.

From gallery to classroom, and back again

Great Art Quest introduces young people to their local gallery in an exciting and accessible way. Pupils and teachers have the opportunity to visit the gallery at least once. Back in the classroom, they work with professional artists and storytellers to create responses to the work they have seen. The artists help them explore their creativity and develop their work, before displaying it back at the gallery.

We didn’t just listen, we got involved!

Pupil, Great Art Quest

The programme targets children from schools that are socially, economically or rurally deprived, lending a hand where it’s needed. Teachers have testified to the positives effect of an arts education on their students. They report increased confidence, improved grades and a renewed interest in their subject.

Children have created fact books, separate performances, done extra homework on the subject, borrowed library books to find out more. And all of these were things they did in their spare time without me asking them.

Teacher, Great Art Quest

Since 2008, we have enabled over 6,500 children to experience an introduction to visual arts through Great Art Quest. This year, Children & the Arts are thrilled to be working with Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Kettle's Yard, Parasol Unit and Shrewsbury Museum to deliver these opportunities to up to 500 children, aged 9-11 from 16 primary schools, who would otherwise miss out.


High Quality Visual Arts Education

The programme offers an enriching understanding of visual arts and storytelling, and aims to inspire pupils to go out and discover more. Great Art Quest aims to foster children’s confidence in the classroom, and help them overcome communicative and academic barriers.

Children & the Arts is also proud to offer teacher training in using visual arts and storytelling in the classroom. Through this, we aim to encourage permanent links between the school and venue once the project has finished. This builds the foundations of a lasting relationship with the gallery and encourages pupils to bring their families there.