If drawing from life, try tracing onto a transparent viewing grid.

If you can find a piece of see through plastic and a frame them you can use this technique to draw from life. You will need some plastic sheeting to go over the frame and a whiteboard pen, sharpie or chinagraph pencil.

Below are photos and videos of how to use a viewing grid.

Drawing from life using a cardboard viewing frame.

Drawing or painting with mirrors

Drawing from an image you have found or a photo you have taken.

Drawing your own hands with a transparent frame viewer link


Brushes, type of paintbrushes

Working with a Mahl stick. Supporting your hand whilst painting so you can paint details with ease.

Experiments with colour and medium

Try working on a background colour, use mono-tones or mid-tones, experiment with pencil, pen, chalk or biro. Watercolours can give you vibrant colours and washes.


Sources (newspapers, magazines, google, photos, objects, textures)

Making layers transparent with baby oil

Sanding and scratching photographs


Making a print with an eraser

Making prints with take away food containers.

Making a more detailed print with take away food container