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Now in its tenth year, our annual Great Art Quest introduces children to the visual arts by partnering them with local galleries, professional artists and storytellers.

The four galleries working with us in 2018 have each developed a high quality programme which will end with a professional exhibition of the pupil's work. This year we are working with:

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Schools will visit the ceramics exhibition by Terry Bell-Hughes. With their discoveries, they will make work in ceramics, 2D visual arts or digital media.

The project will culminate in an exhibition of work and sharing of the stories.

Kettle's Yard

Great Art Quest is the first educational programme to take place after the gallery's reopening in early 2018. The students will investigate their experiences of journeys, how they can be recorded and what they would want others to understand. They will create prints to display at the gallery and write journey stories to perform at a special family and friends event at Kettle’s Yard.

Shrewsbury Museum & Gallery

Pupils will explore the gallery and choose a selection of paintings on which to base their own story. With the artist's guidance, the children will develop the narratives and use a range of artistic techniques to produce an individually made illustrated, hand-made book.

Parasol unit

Schools will visit ‘Here and There’ by Lisa Milroy. Through a CPD with the artist and storyteller, teachers will help create the programme. They will create interactive work inspired by Milroy which will be on display for two weeks at Parasol unit.

Create your own Great Art Quest 

To celebrate 10 years of the Great Art Quest we have created a brand new resource for teachers to download and use to create their own Great Art Quest in the classroom. We hope you find this helpful and inspiring!