A World Inside a Book: Gruffalos, Dragons and Other Creatures

Take a trip into the brilliant 3-D technicolour world of the best loved children's author, Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler, with the UK’s first immersive exhibition of their work.Read more

Sounding Objects

Open Wednesdays - Sundays 11 - 4pm
Join us for free drop-in family workshops led by Rebecca Glover and Fritha Jenkins, alongside Sriwhana Spong’s exhibition, a hook but no fish.Read more

Tales from the Shed

Vibrant, interactive theatre shows that are perfect for young children.Read more

Saturday Shed

A series of fantastic performance workshops which have been specially designed for children of any ability or experience.Read more


Being little can be hard work. Seesaw explores the push and pull of friendship and the ups and downs of being very young. Ages 3 – 6. Read more

FUN DMC - The Daytime Family Block Party - 3rd Bday - Bloomsbury Bowling

Time flies when your'e having fun (or chasing after kids) and we are proud to say that FUN DMC is celebrating 3 years of bringing the party to all you Beastie Boys and Wee Papa Girl Rappers!Read more

Monkey Puzzle

Can butterfly help little monkey find his mum? Enjoy this fun story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler with our Story Builders.Read more


Othello and Desdemona are in love - but not everyone is happy about it. And that's where the problem begins and the tolerance ends. Ages 8 – 12.Read more

BOND : Child and Adult Play Sessions

Child and Adult Play Sessions With A Difference...

Are you ready to BOND??

www.kidzkornerzuk.co.ukRead more

Classical choir concert in London - Hudson High School from Wisconsin USA

Chamber Choir and Chanteuse Women's Choir from Hudson High School - Wisconsin, USA. A total of 80 student singers will perform works from Kirchner, Wilberg, DiLasso and more.Read more

Ear Trumpets

In this final family workshop accompanying Sriwhana Spong’s exhibition a hook but no fish, join Rebecca Glover and Fritha Jenkins making ear trumpets and listening with all your senses.Read more

Story Feast

Join Discover for a FREE family day of fun, food, stories, poems and artRead more