Welcome to the world of Kubla Khan, a multi-sensory pleasure dome that you can touch, taste and smell. From the sounds of a sitar to the feel of a flowing river, experience the temperatures and textures of Coleridge's acclaimed poem as the aroma of incense drifts by...

Oily Cart's astonishing new work for young people from age 3 to 19 will be performed in two distinct versions for different audiences:

• For those on the autism spectrum (performances on Wednesday)
• For those with profound and multiple learning disabilities (performances on Thursday)

Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan is brought to life in this multi-sensory, highly interactive and all-enveloping production enhanced by live music. The intimate and interactive performance is limited to six young people at a time, each supported by an adult carer to maximize their involvement.

Participants Tickets: £15 (admits one young person and their parent / carer)
Additional Spectator Tickets: £5