Monday to Friday
9 AM till 5PM
Kids age 7 to 11

Explore the seashore. Make friendship bracelets from shells you've collected. Go rock pooling and discover the amazing creatures that inhabit our coastline. Up in the woods, build your own den and make a campfire.

South Foreland Adventure. Discover the remains of the World War 2 defences and the hidden Geo-Catches using GPS trackers. At the lighthouse rest a while, then make dream catchers and kites to fly in the breeze.

Nature Detectives. Set humane traps to catch and observe the elusive mammals living in the hedgerow. Afterwards enjoy some awesome outdoor games and tell stories to one another around the fire.

Thursday is all about birds! We will be spotting, observing and learning how to give them a helping hand. Activities include habitat identification, making bird boxes, bird hotels and fat balls.

Friday is survival day. Working with nature to make your own rope, tie useful knots and perfect your den building skills. Keep the wild beasts out of your camp by making dead hedges from fallen twigs and branches. Stay warm by lighting a fire with a flint and steel.