Building Bridges: An Architect in the Making Challenge with Kennedy Woods Architects
10am-4.30pm, drop-in, Florence Hall
The city is made almost entirely of circles and squares. Your challenge: transform these humble shapes into London's longest-spanning straw bridge. Prizes to be won!

Fruitopolis: Get your 5 Shapes a Day!
10am-5pm, drop-in, Florence Terrace
London's fruit markets are bursting with different colours and flavours from around the world. Learn about shape, colour, texture and scale as you design your own exotic fruit and add it to our 3-D Fruitopolis representing the diverse cultures, styles and influences that make up our city. Landscape architect Lily Bakratsa leads this fruity workshop for all ages.

Digital Workshop: Shape-making music and buildings
11am-12.30pm, 2.30pm-4pm, Lutyens Room
Use your bodies, digital tools and imaginations to shape music and design buildings.

Shape up the City
10am-5pm, drop-in, Florence Terrace
Pop and lock together circles, squares and shapes of all kinds in our geo-metropolis.

We're going on a Square Hunt
10am-5pm, drop-in, Wornum Room
We're going on a square hunt we're going to catch a big one! And little ones, and circles, too. Create your own special viewfinder and see how many different shapes you can find in our exhibition.

Shadowy Shape Show
10.30am-11am workshop/11.15am performance
1.30pm-2pm workshop/2.15pm performance
3pm-3.30pm workshop/3.45pm performance
Aston Webb Room
Design your own shape puppet troupe and take them on a great archi-adventure in your own shadow show.

Spinning Shapes
10am-5pm, drop-in, 1st floor landing
Create your own mobile featuring colourful shapes you've collected from around the building.

London Layers
10am-5pm, drop-in, Florence Terrace
Pop in and print up our mega-map of London with the places and spaces that mean the most to you.


Price: Free - registration required: GBP 0

Category: Kids / Family