InHouse projects are an opportunity for visitors to drop in to the gallery’s Project Space and explore ideas with an artist through hands-on activities during gallery hours.

Alongside Pilvi Takala’s exhibition, artist Emma McGarry invites visitors to move and manipulate materials and instructions, to explore decision-making, power relations and risk. Workshops will take the form of a series of ‘events’ or exchanges, each co-productive of a new and unanticipated ‘space’ in a day of action and activities.

About the artist
Emma McGarry’s practice is a hybrid between art and anthropology. Taking human behaviour and interaction as its starting point, her work explores the compassion, antagonism, rivalry, and identification involved in forming relationships with others (and with art).

Upcoming family workshops
Every other Sunday from 12 - 4pm this ongoing set of activities will be animated during free drop-in family workshops.

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