Inspired by her love of the arts, Katy from Wisbech Grammar School held a fabulous art auction to raise money for Children & the Arts.

Katy secured an amazing 50 auction lots for the event held on 23 June. Lots included luxury experiences, jewellery and artworks from acclaimed artists, such as Charming Baker, as well as students from her school. Katy also curated and displayed all of the pieces for potential bidders, which included parents, teachers, members of the local community and school governors.

“I have loved communicating and working with artists, whether they are students or international figures, telling them about Children & the Arts and persuading them to donate to this fantastic cause. As the auction day neared I loved hanging the works – effectively curating an exhibition of 50 works was challenging but also exciting to see the works hanging for the first time, I also became quite handy with a screwdriver and hammer!”

In the run up to the auction Katy created a bespoke website, auction catalogue and used social media to promote the event, even managing to get coverage from local newspapers and radio stations.

“For me, Children & the Arts is an invaluable charity and I am incredibly passionate about the work they do. I strongly believe that, having benefited from the arts as child myself, every child should have the opportunity and the ability to embrace and access the arts.”

The night itself was a roaring success. With Katy acting as auctioneer, keen bidders helped to raise a fantastic £2,653 for the charity and a lucky few left with some stunning pieces.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Katy, whose hard work has helped to ensure that other students can be inspired by the arts in the same way she has been.

“I really feel that the arts have helped to shape the person that I am today and am passionate that every child should have the chance to delve into their imagination and fulfil their creativity as I was able to.”

If you've been inspired by Katy's efforts and would like to fundraise for Children & the Arts you can find out more here or contact Nathalie Cooper - [email protected], 020 3326 2239.