Statement on the pupil premium

Jeremy Newton, CEO of Children & the Arts, encourages teachers to use the pupil premium to enhance young people’s cultural education:

“We are delighted to learn from the Ofsted report on pupil premium funds that several schools have allocated a portion of these funds to subsidising trips (eg, to theatres, museums and galleries), funding visiting authors and theatre groups, and subsidising or paying for external tuition for music, dance or drama lessons.

There is mounting evidence that such activities can offer new and potentially transformational opportunities for disadvantaged children in particular. However, only about a third of schools seem to be allocating pupil premium funds to these kinds of activities.

Participation in the arts can help to build a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, their communication and critical thinking skills, their appetite for learning and their academic potential. A piece of music or drama can have such a profound effect on a child.

We urge head teachers to spend part of the pupil premium on the arts to tackle the inequality that too many of our children face in accessing high-quality cultural education.”

Teachers: please help us by completing our pupil premium survey.