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Children and the Arts project at The Saatchi Gallery

Jeremy Newton Responds to Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission Report

A research report entitled “Downward mobility, opportunity hoarding and the ‘glass floor’” conducted by Abigail McKnight, has revealed that a ‘glass floor’ exists in British society which stops wealthier people from slipping down the social, education or employment scales, thus preventing children from poorer backgrounds gaining access to the finite number of top jobs. The […]

Theatre by the Lake Start Project 2011

In-year moves linked to low attainment

Recent research by the RSA think tank has shown that pupils who regularly move schools at non-standard times do worse in exams.
DanceQuest at Festival Theatre

Jeremy Newton responds to Cultural Education announcement

The Department for Education and Department for Culture, Media & Sport have outlined their ambitions for cultural education.
Maria Miller

Arts funding cuts of ‘only’ 8%

The Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, has negotiated an 8% budget cut for The Department for Culture, Media and Sport in this year’s spending review, it was announced last week.
Government introduces GCSE reforms

Government sets out GCSE reforms

Education Secretary Michael Gove announced today major reform of GCSEs in order to ‘restore public confidence’ in the qualification.

Early Intervention Key for Pupil Premium

The most common priority for spending pupil premium funds is on early intervention schemes, according to a new teacher survey by The Sutton Trust.
Children & the Arts' PoetryQuest

Arts Investment Rises But Regions Lose Out

The latest Private Investment in Culture Survey from Arts & Business has shown that arts investment centres on London.

Arts Council shows the value of the arts

A major new report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research has analysed the macroeconomic contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy
National Plan for Cultural Education

National Plan for Cultural Education

National plan for Cultural Education to be published very soon, says Edward Timpson in parliamentary debate last month.
William Shakespeare Tonynetone

Shakespeare Week launched

A national Shakespeare Week has been launched for primary schools to help spread the legacy of the playwright’s work to younger children.

New family arts campaign

There was good news for arts venues around the country this week with the launch of the brand new Family Arts Campaign on 15 April.

Getting creative around the cuts

Back in 2011 the Trestle Theatre in St Albans, which runs the Trestle Arts Base, faced a dramatic loss in funding and the venue faced an uncertain future. But two years on and the Trestle is not only still in business but directors say they feel ‘liberated’ by the budget cuts
Exam hall by Non-Partizan

New school tests ‘leave no room for art’

Teachers are threatening a national boycott of ‘meaningless’ literacy tests for primary school pupils, claiming they leave no room for subjects like art and drama in the school timetable.