'Poetry gets kind of addictive'

PoetryQuest is a national arts project supported by the MariaMarina Foundation. Last year, the project partners were the Square Chapel Centre for the Arts in Halifax, Norwich Playhouse and Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Over the 2014/15 academic year the pupils visited their partner arts venue and worked with professional poets, venue staff and arts educators to engage with poetry.

PoetryQuest began with a visit by participants to see contemporary performance poetry at their local arts venue. The visit not only introduced the young people to the venues, but also, with support from venue staff and professional poets, engaged them with poetry as an exciting art form. This initial visit built the foundations of a lasting relationship between the young people, schools and venues, to help it endure beyond the project.

Having seen poetry in performance, the participants worked on their own poetry, with support from in-school workshops delivered by their partner poets. The project culminated with a celebratory finale event at their partner venue, where the young people performed their poems in front of their peers, teachers, families, as well as all the other adults and children involved in the project.

This programme is kindly supported by the MariaMarina Foundation and Jonathan Moulds

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Pictures from PoetryQuest 2014/15 final performance at The Norwich Playhouse (pictures © Andy Sapey) and final performance at Square Chapel in Halifax (pictures © Craig Shaw)

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