High-Impact Projects in High-Need Areas

Quests are high-impact national arts projects created and run by Children & the Arts. Without Quests many young people would never have the opportunity to visit their local arts venue or engage with the arts.

Through our Quests we target arts organisations and schools in high-need areas where there is often socio-economic disadvantage or low arts access. These year-long high-impact projects build relationships between cultural venues and schools that last beyond the duration of the project.

Quests take children on a year-long cultural journey. They explore all angles of a single art form, with visits to a culture venue, workshops led by professional artists, and inspiring finale events showcasing their work.

Exposure to the arts in this way inspires participants to feel at ease in cultural venues and increases their confidence, creativity and aspirations. Quests ensure that young people from the most high-need areas are immersed in the very best of the arts.

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